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Village Hall Refurbishment

Longparish Village Hall

The Village Hall dates from 1910 and the last major work on it was done in the 1960s. It had a lot of failings due to its age. Principally it was cold, gloomy and has poor toilets and kitchen. We are now giving it a major overhaul to make it suitable for 21st century users. 

Funding the project

The total cost of the project will be just under £300,000. So far we have raised £280,000 from savings, grants, fund raising events and a local appeal. Thank you very much to all our generous donors and supporters. Read more here.

Jeremy's Everest Marathon logoEverest Marathon

Jeremy Barber is running the Everest Marathon in aid of the Village Hall. Please click here to find out more and sponsor him. As at 16 June sponsorship was past £8,000 and rising. Thanks very much to everyone who has given.

Local Appeal

We still need to raise around £20,000. The hall is a registered charity so donations qualify for Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer. This increases the value of your gift by 25% and you will get some extra tax relief if you pay tax at 40% or 50%.

If you are able to help please to write a cheque payable to Longparish Village Hall, complete a Gift Aid form and send them to our Treasurer, Jeremy Barber, Queen Anne Cottage, Forton, ANDOVER, Hants, SP11 6NU.

Or you can give online at There's no need to log in if you don't want to; just click on Donate Now and then follow the I'm not registered tab.

We have jam and marmalade for sale in aid of the hall. Please phone Maggie on 720459 if you'd like some.

Building work

Building work started in February with solar panels.

LST Projects started on the major structural work at the end of March. That work is going well and on schedule to finish in late July. A few unexpected problems have been revealed including having to amost completely replace the flat roof instead of just repairing it and the stage has needed substantial strengthening.

Photographs have been taken weekly.

Click here to see how the project is progressing.

Plans and Consultation

The village hall committee produced plans to refurbish the hall and make it warmer, more attractive and welcoming and bring back into use areas at the back which are currently too dilapidated to use.  This will enable it to be home to a bigger range of activities and services to support our community. The plans were developed in consultation with user groups and parishioners. They were finally signed off at an open meeting on 21 November 2011. Read more here.

More information

For further information or if you can help in any way please contact the chair of the village hall committee, John Scott on 720018 or email him, Tom Bremridge on 720689 or Maggie Barber on 720459.

Progress reports are published regularly in our parish magazine, Hill & Valley.

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