The History of Longparish, by G. Timmins

The Hampshire
Hearth Tax Assessment


With the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 Parliament had set the figure of £1,200,000 for the king to live on. It was decided that in order to reach this figure an extra form of taxation was needed.

The idea of taxing Hearths or fireplaces had already been done on the continent, in 1662 the new tax was introduced, and like so many new things it did have its problems. There would be an annual levy of two shillings (ten pence), payable for every fire hearth or stove within dwellings, houses, edifices or lodgings. This was to be paid half yearly at Michaelmas 29 September and Lady day 25 March.

Problems arose as to whether  who would be responsible for payment, the owner or occupier and no one was exempt. It was later decided that the occupier would pay the levy and anyone who did not pay poor or church rates and those occupying a house worth less than 20 shillings (£1) would be exempt. Private ovens, furnaces, kilns, and blowing houses also hearths within hospitals or alms houses were exempt as long as their revenue did not exceed £100 a year.

The act was amended in 1633. Everyone who had two hearths was made liable and if he divided his house into separate dwellings.

It was not until William and Mary came on to the throne that one of the first acts they passed was the abolition of the hearth tax in 1689 .

Wherewell Hundred

Hearths Chargeable

Hearths Not Chargeable

Philip Isron 7
Mister Emborne 1
Mister John Marks 4
John White 2
James Beacham 1
Widow Isron 1
Adam Orchard 2
Alice Woods 1
Widow Morgan 1
Thomas Bealls 1
Widow Woods 1
Richard Talmage 1
William Mersham 1
Thomas Mills 1
Robert Penton 2
John Webb 1
Window Emery 1
William Smith 1
James Silver 1
Thomas Hardwell 2
Jonathan Waldron 1
Widow Biggs 1
Stephan Curtis 1
John Purdue 1
John Barter 4

William Lawes 1
William Martyn 1
Richard Twyne 1
Nicholas Snow 1
James Jeckhan 1
Robert Browne 1
Nicholas Greene 1
Widow Wiseman 1
John Beamon 1
William Golden 1
Adam Orchard 1
Abel Bullpit 1

Hearths 41

Hearths 12

East Aston

Hearths Chargeable

Hearths not Chargeable

William Farr 3
Richard Mills 1
Widow Mills 1
Thomas Cuffley 1
Thomas Silver 1
Richard Skeat 3
Robert Hardwell 1
Laurence Brownjohn 1
John Hardwell 1
Richard Sharpe 2
Edward Beele 2
Widow Lock 2
Isaac Street 2
Edward Blake 1
Richard Morrant 1

Edward Lock 1
George Felder 1
Widow Hardyman 1
Widow Allen 1
Widow Kidgell 1

Hearths 23

Hearths 5

West Aston

Hearths Chargeable

Hearths not Chargeable

William Hunt 4
Richard Skeate 3
John Mills 2
John Embs 1
John Morrant 1
William Barter 1
Thomas Noyes 1
Alice Buckland 2
Alice Poore 2
John Purdue 2
William Farr 1
Andrew Kent 1
Thomas Hardwell 1

Mary Farr 1
Daniel Noyes 1
John Gardener 1
Thomas Meacham 1
Ingram Holyday 1
Nicholas Collett 1

Hearths 22

Hearths 6


Hearths Chargeable

Hearths Not Chargeable

Mister Nicholas Blake 6
John Houghton 5
Mister Peter Blake 2
Mister Greene 1
Stephen Poole 2
Thomas Poore 1
John Skeate 1
Thomas Dowse 1
William Warham 1
Susan Bodicote
Laurence Cosens 1
Richard Gardener 2
John Rogers 1
Thomas Barnaby 2
John Parr 1
William Duke 1

John Collett 1
Widow Cannon 1
John Ball 1
Widow Fidler 1
Benjamin Portsmouth 1
John Humber 1
Henry Wheatly 1
Stephen Garner 1
James Martyn 1
Margary Egg 1
Widow Avery 1
Thomas Foster 1

Hearths 29

Hearths 12

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