It's always nice when people volunteer to help out, either with putting the signs out; with the time-keeping; or helping to feed the returning hordes. Here are a few notes to show how easy it is.

Preparing a Finishers' List

To help David get the results out with least ado, please print out this page for recording the results.

The greyed-out columns are for David to use later; ignore them for now.

Putting out the signs

Tools needed and supplied:

There are three types of signs:

  1. ‘Caution Runners’ (CR)
  2. A picture of a runner and an arrow going from right to left (A)
  3. A kilometre marker

They are mostly attached with cables ties to a plastic stick and trodden into the ground; a few are attached with cable ties to railings. The name and number of the location are written on the back of the first two types of sign.

The km markers arrived after the signs had been set up, so they just have to slot in between the numbered locations.

Location 1: Southside Road/Sugar Lane crossroads with main road (2 signs):

  • (CR) on the railings at the corner of Southside Road at the Sugar Lane/Southside Road/main road crossroads, facing The Plough
  • (A) goes on the end of the railing, facing the playpark

1 KM marker:

  • just before the gate to The Thatch, which is just after the Common as the road bends slightly right.

Location 2: Southside Farm (3 signs):

  • (CR) on the right at the entrance to the barn, facing up Southside hill
  • (A) on the corner of Nun’s Walk (just to the right of the wall corner is best, about where the builder’s sign is in the photo)
  • (CR) on the right as you go into Nun’s Walk, facing Southside Road (not shown)

2 KMS marker:

  • at the far end of the house on the right just before Vale Fishery (Nun's Walk)

Location 3: Larkwhistle/Cleeves crossroads (2 signs on one stick):

  • (CR)+(A) on opposite sides of the same support: just past the Larkwhistle/Cleeves/Nun’s Walk crossroads on the right. The (CR) faces up towards Britwell Priors, the (A) faces back down Nun’s Walk and points to the Cleeves

Location 4: Cleeves (1 sign):

  • (CR) on the right just onto the Cleeves, facing back towards Nun’s Walk

3 KMS marker:

  • on the Cleeves just past Long Bridge, 4 posts along the fence on the left (the 2nd picture shows it from the other side, looking back towards Long Bridge)

Location 5: East Aston/main road (2 signs):

  • (CR) just to the right of where the runners join the main road, facing towards Hurstbourne Priors
  • (A) opposite the road to Upper Mill, facing the runners as they hit the main road

4 KMS marker:

  • just before the 30 mph repeater opposite Longparish House

Location 6: Mill Lane/main road (1 sign):

  • (CR) At The Coach House, just before the cricket ground entrance, facing back towards the shop

Location 7: Cricket Ground entrance (3 signs):

  • L2SOTM Finish sign is attached with cable ties to the ground’s noticeboard on the support nearest the road, facing back towards the shop (see background of above photo)
  • (A) similarly attached to the board’s leg, also facing the shop (see background of above photo)
  • (A) opposite the Cricket Ground entrance, facing into it (not shown)

5 KMS marker and FINISH sign:

  • On the Cricket Ground, just to the right of the small tree on the way to the pavilion

Location 8: Playpark (1 sign):

  • Best placed on the skateramp side of the pull-off, facing The Plough.

And that’s all there is to it. It takes the Goulds about 20-25 minutes to set up now, but they’ve had a bit of practice. It was about double that the first time.