The Parish Council has received an email from the Environment Agency which contains some useful links for residents in the event of groundwater flooding:

Good morning

My name is Janine and I work at the Environment Agency supporting communities understand their risk of flooding.

We recently issued a Groundwater Briefing Note for Hampshire on the 9 December 2020, to raise awareness of rising groundwater levels. Longer term weather forecasting is very difficult, making it hard to know if, or when, wet weather will return but with spring still a few months away, further periods of wet weather are probable. Should rain return before groundwater levels have the chance to fall, groundwater could emerge at the surface resulting in minor groundwater flood impacts affecting properties.

We believe your Parish has previously been affected by groundwater flooding, or could be in the future, and I wanted to provide you with my contact details in case you are keen to talk through any actions you are planning to ensure your community are winter ready, and also to signpost you to 4 key actions that should support you with these preparations.

These key actions are:

1)    Share our briefing note with you, in case you hadn't received it:

·         Our groundwater briefing note is attached, and available here: Groundwater Briefing Note Hampshire



2)    Offer our assistance:

We are here to help! We share lots, to try and help keep you informed.

·         We will issue flood alerts a few days before we think properties could be affected by groundwater flooding.

·         We have put some practical advice for before, during and after groundwater flooding into a booklet:

And there are some useful links here:

·         We can help you make or update a flood plan. There are templates here; > but a simple trigger and action is all you need.

·         You can see daily groundwater levels, rainfall amounts and our predictions in our messages (when issued) on our website: (This works best in a modern browser, like Google Chrome)

·         We might be able to help with obstructions on main rivers. You can ask us via the Incident Hotline: 0800 807060.

·         We can try and help with questions you may have.

3)    Encourage your community to take simple actions, to help reduce the impacts of groundwater flooding, if it occurs in 2021:

Your community might like to...

·         Check to see if you are registered to receive our flood warnings.

You can do this be either calling Floodline on 0345 988 118, online at, or by asking me.

To receive our groundwater briefing note, you'll need to ensure you have an email address on your account but again ask me if you need any assistance with receiving these briefing notes.

·         Check your community or personal flood plans are up to date, and any equipment you intend to use is in working order. You might like to make a simple plan if you haven't already.

·         Keep local watercourses clear of blockages.

4)    Ask for your help:

·         If you are able to help us understand what flood impacts occur in your community, we'll try to make our service as useful as possible for you.

Please do let us know when flood impacts occur. Photos accompanying this information are always really helpful to support us with this.

Finally we are aware that this can be a time of concern for communities, so please feel free to share the contents of this email with any members of your community and, as detailed at the start of this email, if you would like to discuss any of the actions you are planning to undertake to ensure you are winter ready please don't hesitate to contact me by email or on my mobile, 07584 187674.

I look forward to working with you to benefit all.

Kindest regards


Janine Blandford
Flood Resilience Engagement Advisor

SSD Flood Resilience Team
Environment Agency | Romsey Depot, Canal Walk, Romsey, SO51 7LP

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External: 0208 474 5878

Please note that many general enquiries can be answered using our customer centre on 03708 506 506.

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