This MOU between Longparish Parish Council (the Council) and the Governors of Longparish Church of England Primary School (the Governors) describes the mutually-agreed details for community use of the Community Hall located within the School.  It should be read in the context of the tandem availability of the recently-refurbished Village Hall, which provides complementary facilities.  The two Halls are venues that are suitable for different types of events, and there should be no element of competition between them.  Separate arrangements exist with the Parochial Church Council for the use of the Community Hall by St Nicholas’ Church

This MOU is not intended to create any legal rights by establishing a contract, partnership, joint venture or otherwise.  Its purpose is solely as set out above.


  1. The Community Hall was built in 2005 as part of an overall project for improving the quality of the School’s buildings.  The Hall itself was designed to be bigger than would normally be the case for a school of this size, because of the community element, and this was part of the justification for DfE funding.  The local community funded 10% (some £186,000) of the overall costs of the project, and there is therefore an understanding about community access to the Hall that represents an obligation for the School and is greater than a publicly-funded school’s normal statutory duty to make its facilities available for community use.  This MOU seeks to formalise that understanding in such a way that the School can fulfil its obligations without being put at a disadvantage.


  1. For the purposes of this MOU, the community is defined as:
    1. Residents of Longparish.
    2. Residents of neighbouring parishes.
    3. Individuals with connections to the village – e.g. family, work, School, membership of local organisations.
    4. Local organisations – e.g. Longparish Community Association (LCA), Longparish Gardening Club.
    5. Organisations providing services to the village – e.g. fitness classes, ballroom dancing lessons.
    6. Any individual or organisation on request to, and at the discretion of, the Governors.

  1. For the purposes of this MOU, the Community Hall is defined as; the Main Hall of the School, the committee/music room known as the Ellicock Room, the Small Kitchen, the Entrance Hall and lavatory facilities.  The School’s Main Kitchen may also be made available at the discretion of the Governors and with the agreement and its use is subject to specific conditions.


  1. Priority for use of the Community Hall will always rest with the School, either during the school-day or later, if it is required for extra-curricular activities.  The lavatories will be open if required for use by St Nicholas’ Church, but not during school hours.  In principle, therefore, the Hall should be available for community use at all other times – i.e. in the evenings, at weekends and in the school holidays – unless there are valid operational reasons for restricting access or the Governors have formally determined that the frequency of community use is posing an excessive burden on the School.  The Governors may also ban individual users or organisations that have abused the right of community access.


  1. The main responsibility for administering the system for community use of the Hall rests with the Governors, who may delegate this as required, until such time as alternative arrangements are agreed.  This will include:
    1. Responding to queries and taking bookings, both in and out of term-time.
    2. Advertising the availability of the Community Hall on both the school and Longparish web-sites.
    3. Maintaining Public Liability insurance and any licence required for normal use.  Additional licences required for the sale of alcohol and/or entertainment need to be arranged separately, either privately or through the LCA as appropriate.
    4. Making arrangements for opening and closing the Hall for users, in accordance with the requirements of the security system.
    5. Ensuring that the Hall is clean and tidy before it is made available to community users. 
    6. Establishing the rules to be followed by all users, and making facilities and equipment available for users to clean up after an event.
    7. Levying any charges and imposing forfeits for damage or misuse. 


  1. Charges for the use of the Hall and its component facilities will be set by the Governors and may cover the following:
    1. Direct marginal and variable overhead costs generated by the use of the Hall, such as additional heating.
    2. Additional administrative costs such as extra work for the Administration Manager.
    3. Additional cleaning costs – if extra costs accrue out of term-time, differential rates may be charged. 

Charges should be benchmarked against those levied for use of the Village Hall.


  1. The terms of this MOU have been approved by both the Council and the Governors.

Signed: JSB Frere                                                               N Marsden

   Chairman                                                           Chair

Date: 13 March 2017                                                           Date: 13 March 2017

On behalf of the Council                                                    On behalf of the Governors