Your Parish Council and LCA would like your help to shape the Longparish Village Plan for the next 10 years

What do you love most about Longparish?

...and what could be improved?

WHAT is the Parish Plan?
It is a Government supported initiative to give those living in villages a way of deciding for themselves how they would like their village to develop.
A copy of the first plan can be found HERE, or in the village shop.

WHAT good came from the first Parish Plan?

The Longparish Community Association, the spinal path, the pavement between the school and the village hall, extension of the 30mph speed limit through more of the village, as well as events, groups and activities supported by the LCA.

WHY are we up updating?

The first Parish Plan was adopted by the Parish Council in 2005. Since then the population and needs of the village have changed.  It is now time to plan for the next 10 years.

HOW are we going to do it?

First step is to gather ideas with a short survey to find out from as many people as possible what they think matters most to them.  Then a steering group, will take these ideas forward with a number of consultation events and through to completion.

HOW do I get involved?
Please give us your thoughts and ideas by completing the initial survey.
The more ideas that are received at this stage will then help the steering group to focus on the most relevant topics moving forward.

WHERE is this survey?

You can complete the survey online HERE