If you want to alter or extend your property, including outbuildings and fences, you may well need planning permission from the Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), especially if you live in the Conservation Area.

Test Valley have published the document Longparish Conservation Area - Character Appraisal which you can find on their site. If your house is a listed building you will need listed building consent as well. If you have a project in mind it is worth talking with the TVBC Planning Department. You can call at their offices at Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, phone them on 01264 368000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is also worth looking at the Village Design Statement to see whether what you propose will fit with the design ideas there and discussing your proposal with your neighbours.

TVBC always asks the Parish Council for its views on planning applications and takes them into account. TVBC sends a copy of planning applications for properties in Longparish to the Parish Clerk. It also arranges for yellow notices to be displayed at the site concerned and lists details of the application on their website. You can also see applications by calling at the TVBC Planning Office or asking the Parish Clerk but if the applicant is a neighbour the simplest way is probably just to ask him or her.

TVBC invites comments before a closing date, which is usually four weeks after the details of the application are published. The Parish Council will consider the application at the next Parish Council meeting if it is before the closing date. If the next meeting is too late the Parish Clerk will arrange a meeting of the Planning Committee. Details of the meetings are published on the parish notice boards at the shop and in Forton. Or you can just ask the clerk or a parish councillor when the Parish Council is going to consider a particular application.

If you are an applicant you may find that councillors ask to visit you to see the site and discuss what you propose. There is no obligation to do this but it does help the council to understand your application.

The Parish Council or the Planning Committee meets in public. You are welcome to attend if you wish and may be invited to speak at the discretion of the Chairman. The Parish Council finds it very helpful to hear comments from the applicant and anyone else who is interested.

If the proposal is minor or uncontroversial the TVBC officers will deal with it under delegated powers. But if it is a more major proposal or there are objections, it is likely to be referred to the TVBC Northern Area Planning Committee to decide. The committee meets monthly. The TVBC Planning Department publishes details of the officers’ recommendations a few days before each meeting. You can ask the TVBC Planning Department when a particular application will be decided and there is a public participation scheme under which the applicant, objectors and the Parish Council can speak briefly at the meeting to explain their views. For details ask the TVBC Planning Department.