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Varieties we have tried in the past


Atlantic Giant (capable of reaching over 1000 pounds)

This is the big one. Whatever else you grow you should include an Atlantic Giant.

The pumpkin in this picture weighed 1262 pounds and was the 2001 world champion. The 2005 champion was even bigger at 1469 pounds and in 2009 the World Record reached 1725 pounds..

Squash Show King Giant

Show King Giant Squash

This squash can reach up to 800 pounds.  Seed specially imported from America.

Queensland Blue

Queensland Blue

A traditional Australian storing squash. Trailing variety. Pale blue/ grey. Large and very dense. These are the best tasting, best keeping, most reliable and highest yielding squash we have grown. They have a very dense, deep orange flesh.


Giant Marrow

Not much good to eat but if you grow this you may win a prize and you'll certainly impress your friends.

Marrow Tiger Cross

Marrow Tiger Cross

Tiger Cross is an early maturing type producing tasty courgettes or delicious marrows with attractive green, striped fruits of good length. Resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus.

Courgette De Nice

Courgette de Nice - a round variety

Simply a type of courgette which is round and should be picked when it is the size of a golf ball or left to grow bigger if you want.

Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green

Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green

Ridge (Outdoor) Variety. Prolific plants producing high-quality cucumbers comparable to glasshouse varieties. Fruits are at their best when about 23cm (9") long. Tolerant of summer heat and resistant to mildew.

SQUASH Nice Long

Nice Long (ornamental and tasty)

A curious light green fruit which turns red on maturity. The fruit thickens up at one end where the seeds are found. Can be stored for up to a year. The delicate flesh is suitable for stews and steaming.

Squash Bon Bon

Bon Bon Squash

A 'Kabocha' type squash with stripey dark green 'boxy' shaped fruits. Deep orange, smooth and delicious flesh. Upright, semi-bush habi. Click here for recipe

SQUASH Turks Turban

Turks Turban (ornamental and tasty)

Perhaps one of the really tastiest squash varieties with a dry almost nutty flavour. Great simply roasted with your roasted potatoes.
Cut into chunky slices and remove seeds and any pithy bits and add to the roasted meat and potatoes in the pan about forty minutes before serving.

Baby Bear Pumpkin

Baby Bear

High yielding 'mini ' pumpkin with exceptional uniformity. Fruits should be harvested when about 1.5kg (3lb)in weight.The naked seeds can be toasted as a highly nutritious snack.


Jaspee de Vendee (sweet and tasty)

Very good for lanterns.  Produces many fruits, each weighing up to 2kgs with a very delicate, sweet taste. For making flans, cakes, jams, soups and purees.

PUMPKIN Potimarron

Pumpkin Potimarron

A puree can be made from this aromatic squash tasting of chestnuts, which eaten on its own can constitute an adequate meal. Rich in vitamins and minerals this originates from China but now thrives everywhere . Potimarron can be stored easily and in the process increases its aroma. Weighs up to 1.5 kgs.

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Early Butternut

Squash Early Butternut

Early Butternut Hybrid is a gourmet baker, with creamy skin, rich orange flesh and outstanding flavour. Fast-growing summer squash bears big crops even in small spaces. Steam, stuff, bake or use raw in salads. Winter squash is easy to store and nutritious. Harvest when skins cannot be pierced with a fingernail. Deep orange flesh contains cancer-fighting beta carotene.

Patty Pan Squash - Sunburst

Squash - Sunburst

This patty pan squash is as wonderful as it sounds! The eye pleasing squash is a round, small bright yellow variety with scalloped edges. Sunburst variety offers a mild, yet buttery flavor. This delicious squash will add excellent flavour sautéed, barbequed, fried and even raw with your favourite dip or in a summer salad.

Marina del Chioggia

Marina del Chiooggia

This comes from near Venice. It is strange and knobbly to look at but excellent eating.



A sweet dumpling type with unusual skin colouration.Retains fine flavour.Very attractive when baked.

Sweet Dumpling

Sweet Dumpling

The attractive 3-4in striped fruits store for a long time. Bake whole and enjoy the sweet flesh on a cold winter's evening. Alternatively, prick several holes in the skin and microwave.


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