Useful Information

Things it's Good To Know.

Information about Hospitals, NHS 111, Doctors, Vets and HART Wildlife Rescue.

A number of local organisations exist to provide different services and advice for older members of the community.

Read about the local Police and the Neighbourhood Watch.

You can get your papers and meat delivered to your doorstep.

Our Police Community Support Office, Sam Bate, has given us a poster with his contact details, should you need to get in touch. Open the poster in your favourite PDF reader.

Nottingham Knockers have been visiting Longparish and the surrounding area recently. You do not have to open the door to strangers, nor do you have to buy anything from them. You should certainly never feel intimidated by visitors. Do not call any number on an offered card/ID card to verify that they are genuine. Such numbers will not be for genuine organisations at the other end of the telephone line.  If in doubt, say you will call the Police (call 101) to check.   For further advice:

Here are some easy ways to protect and assist in recovery of your stolen bike. But please record your serial number today!

Many people - especially the elderly and isolated - can be vulnerable to scams and fraud. These can arrive by mail, a visitor to the doorstep or via a computer. We are starting to compile some information that can help you recognise and report scams and help protect your family and neighbours.

Hampshire County Council has a Passenger Transport Website for all queries, including hiring minibuses.

To plan a journey 'door to door' using both public and private transport, have a look at the red planet site

TVBC provides most of the waste disposal services.

Help make Longparish Greener

Recycling and all that Stuff in LONGPARISH