Longparish Church of England Primary School Community Hall Booking Application Form 

Name of person(s) hiring.  (In the case of a wedding please enter names of the Bride & Groom) 




Address ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


---------------------------------------------- Post Code --------------------- Telephone No ----------------------------


Organisation, club etc. (If applicable) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


What type of event will it be? --------------------------------------------------------- 


Approximately how many people will attend? ---------------------------------------


Booking Requirements


Date of booking ------------------------------------- Time required: From ------------------ To ---------------------


Date of booking ------------------------------------- Time required: From ------------------ To ---------------------


Rooms required: Main Hall/Small Kitchen

Main School Kitchen* (*separate booking sheet/fee applicable/training required)


Will alcohol be served or consumed without charge?                                        Yes/No *

Will alcoholic beverages be sold?

(Including wine etc included in entry tickets)

The hirer must apply for a temporary licence with Test Valley Borough Council prior to the booking. 
Will there be a disco or live music? Yes/No
Will you be charging an admission fee? Yes/No
Will you require use of tables/chairs Yes/No
Will you require use of crockery/cutlery  Yes/No

*Please delete as appropriate


Number of hours required                                                                                


(£20 per hour) – 15% discount for regular bookings 

(£15 per hour for Longparish Community Association Members) 

DEPOSIT £ 100 (Separate cheque please)  

 Please make cheques payable to HCC

All communications for the hire of the community premises must be with the applicant who signs the form.  Without a signed booking form, the booking cannot be regarded as firm.

The applicant must be over 18 years of age and shall be responsible for all payments and terms of hire.

The total hiring fee must be paid to the school at the time of booking. Cheques should be made payable to HCC.

The deposit will be used towards making good any damage connected with hiring and any balance will be returned to the applicant.  Payment of the deposit does not limit liability of the applicant.

In the events of cancellation by the applicant, the hiring fee may not be returned.

Any unused balance of deposit will be returned to the applicant.

No smoking or animals (other than carer dogs) permitted in any part of the premises.  No stilettos permitted.


The hirer agrees to undertaken the following cleaning after the booking.  Failure to complete the following will lead to a forfeit of the deposit.  The sum forfeited will equate to a sum of £15 per hour, depending on cleaning need. 


Wash all cutlery and crockery used and place back in cupboards 

Empty Dishwasher if used 

Clean and Disinfect all kitchen surfaces using materials provided by the School

Sweep hall and kitchen floor using broom provided 

Spot clean hall floor of any spillages using instructions (in cleaning cupboard) and materials provided 

Hang Tea Towels used on cupboard door handles 

Discard cleaning cloths used 

A maximum of 2 bin bags can be left by the kitchen bins.  Any additional bags must be taken from the premises by the hirer. 

Check all windows and doors, which have been opened by the hirer during the booking are closed/locked. 

Open blinds in hall if closed during hiring  


I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of hire as stated in the conditions of hire.


SIGNED ………………………………………………………… (Applicant)    DATE ………………………..


Please return this completed booking form to Mrs. Christine Leach, Longparish Primary School, Longparish, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6PB.  


For Office use  

Date of Hire  

Hall Checked  

Deposit cheque returned 

Deposit retained