Longparish Church of England Primary School Community Hall Conditions of Hire

1. Save for tables and chairs, none of the school’s equipment or apparatus may be used without prior permission of the head teacher. If permission is given to use any of the school’s equipment, the hirer must ensure that the use of the equipment is adequately supervised at all times by a person or persons with appropriate qualifications and experience. 

2. The school kitchen may only be used if prior permission is given by the Management Committee. This will incur an additional fee and training by a member of Hc3S. 

3. The fabric and fittings, including electrical installations, and the other contents of the premises must not be interfered with in any way. The surface of the floor must not be treated or prepared in any way for dancing. Studded or stiletto heeled footwear may not be worn.

4. No storage facilities within the premises can be provided to the hirer. Where the hirer is permitted to leave its property on the premises, it does so entirely at its own risk.

5. No furniture or equipment may be brought onto the premises without the prior permission of the management committee. Any furniture or equipment brought onto the premises will be at the hirer’s own risk.

6. The hirer must not permit any animals to be brought onto the premises, except for guide dogs (or equivalent).

7. The hirer must ensure that the number of persons using the premises does not exceed the number for which application was made and permission given.

8. The hirer must ensure that no violent, unruly or inappropriate behaviour occurs during the hire of the premises and that the premises are vacated at the end of the hire period.

9. The hirer must not permit alcohol to be brought onto or consumed or sold on the premises during the hire period unless prior permission has been given by the management committee. 

10. The hirer must not permit gambling or gaming, other than bingo, unless prior permission has been given by the management committee.

11. The hirer must familiarise itself with the fire precautions in force on the premises and with the means of escape in the event of a fire. Fire exits and other exits must be kept clear at all times.

12. The hirer may not have access to any part of the premises other than those which have been hired, no outside areas may be used without the prior permission of the head teacher or playgroup supervisor and the hirer must follow the instructions of the head teacher or playgroup supervisor concerning the use of the premises, including vacating the premises if required to do so.

13. The hirer must not permit smoking in any part of the premises including outside areas. 

14. The hirer must comply with all statutory requirements relating to the hire, including those relating to health and safety and public entertainment. The hirer must ensure that any licence or permission which is required for the proposed use of the premises is obtained. 

15. If using barbecues, the hirer must ensure they are placed on the grassed area at the side of the patio.  

16. At the end of the hire period, the hirer must leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition (ie as clean as at the start of the hire period) and must return any equipment used to its correct place of storage. Any additional cleaning charges will be deducted from the deposit.  Please make sure the floor is swept, all crockery and cutlery are washed and put away and worktops wiped.   Cleaning materials are located in the cleaner’s cupboard in the community hall

The Prevention of Public Nuisance

1. During events involving live or amplified music and speech (other than low key level background music), the main front lobby door to the hall shall be kept closed.  The external doors will also be kept closed except where necessary for access and egress. 

2. The disposal of empty bottles into outdoor storage receptacles will not take place between 1900 and 0800 hours.  

3. No amplified music or amplified speech shall be audible at the boundary of the premises between 2300—0800 hours.  

4. Live or amplified music events that shall not be permitted outside of any buildings at any time are;  Band Performances, Dance Bands, Karaoke 


The Management Committee now holds a licence to sell alcohol on the premises.  Any hirer who wishes to sell alcohol on the premises is required to apply for authorisation on the appropriate form and a charge is made to offset the cost of the licence.  The term sale of alcohol refers to that sold at a bar, at the table or is included in the price of an entry ticket.  You do not need authorisation if the alcohol is provided free of charge by the host or if guests bring some in for their own consumption.  The committee reserve the right to charge a premium in ALL cases where alcohol is sold or consumed on the premises.

Unlocking/locking of the facilities

Once a booking has been confirmed and the deposit paid, the hirer will be given a contact telephone number for the key holder. The hirer will then make contact with the key holder to arrange times for the facilities to be opened and locked.


Longparish Primary School - Governing Body 

November 2013