Longparish Village Hall Registered Charity No. 301877

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting Held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on 26th September 2016

1. Welcome

Attending: Maggie Barber, Jeremy Barber, Terry Hemming, Georgina Knipe Brian Sanders (Chair), Emma Smith (Secretary), Henry Yelf.

2. Apologies

Apologies received from Jonathan Frere, Dave Harris, Jacqui Healey, Sarah Harris, Andy Smith, John Young.

3. Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 27th June 2016

Item 4.3 Open Gardens: BS has spoken with Rosie Lowry.

ACTION: BS to attend gardening club and will follow up.

Item 11.1 Extension to Village Hall: BS reported that work had already started on the new extension, which is expected to take eight weeks to complete.

Item 12.3 Solar Panels: MB reported that she had been in touch with the company that installed the panels to enquire about the best way to remove grime connected with the neighbouring house fire. The advice given was to use a soft brush and water only, and a plastic scraper in necessary. It was decided that the window cleaner would give them a thorough wash when building work was complete.

Item 12.5 Tablecloths: Purchase of rectangular tablecloths – carried forward

Item 13.1 Gate: Sourcing of gate – carried forward

Item 14 Defibrillator: A defibrillator has now been installed outside at the front of the Hall.

Item 15.1 Alcohol Licence: BS is in contact with TVBC and has this in hand – carried forward.

Item 15.4 Sale of Container: Three expressions of interest have now been received.

Item 15.7 VH Exterior: HY has looked into a long-life treatment for the external rendering of the Hall. This turned out to be prohibitively expensive.

4. Matters Arising Not Covered Elsewhere in the Agenda

None were reported

5. Treasurer’s Report

JB gave his report. The main points of discussion were as follows:

• The monthly charge for Broadband had gone up from £27 to £35.

• After a front door key had gone astray, the lock had been replaced for reasons of security. (Replacement keys are available from MB.)

• Hall hire had generated £2301

• Hearfelt thanks were offered to Jacqui Healey who, at Graham’s funeral, asked for donations in support of the Hall. Together with direct donations to the undertaker, a total of £2751 had been raised.

• The committee wished to acknowledge the huge amount of work that had gone into this year’s fete. There had been a large number of dedicated volunteers, and some very generous donations. ACTION: BS to write to Donna Hillier to express the committee’s thanks. BS and HY will also submit a note of thanks for inclusion in Hill and Valley. BS to discuss with John Young.

• Grants. News was expected any day from the Garfield Weston Foundation about whether our grant application had been successful.

• Tarmac works are to be carried out by HCC over half term. This will consist of some patching to the main road and full replacement of the area directly in front of the hall.

• Field gate and bike rack. To be carried forward to next meeting.

6. Bookings

In the Booking Secretary’s absence, there was no formal report on bookings. However, general discussions covereed on the following points:

• The recent “Ultra” race, organised by Andy Nuthall on 20th August, had been very successful, and the group were keen to arrange a similar event in 2017. The hall had been left in good order and the committee agreed that a repeat event would be welcomed.

• The regular storytelling sessions by Merry-go-round were thought to be successful and well attended.

• Karate was now a weekly fixture.

• Rainbows had started up between 5.15 and 6.45 on a Monday evening, led by Claire Sykes. For reasons of security, it had been requested that the Brownies should have exclusive use of the Hall. After consideration, the committee’s view was that, given the early timings, it would not be problematic to keep the back room free of bookings.

• An enquiry had been received about running a midweek pilates class in the afternoon.

• During a book launch at the Hall on 25th September, some visitors had commented that they would like to book it for their own use, for parties.

• BS commented that there were few weekdays without bookings and that approximately every other weekend was also booked. All agreed that publicity seemed to have reached about the right level and was generating results.

• MB informed the group of the Age UK Roadshow planned for October 13th between 10.45 and 2.45. JB and MB were attending to organise refreshments, and would be allowed to keep the resulting profits for the Hall’s funds.

7. Publicity

HY reported back to the committee:

• Our entry in Hallshire website seemed to be drawing in suitable people and should be continued.

• Three good overhead shots of the Hall were being used for Hallshire website and it was proposed to add them to the Longparish Village website, with the help of David Gould.

• HY had started work on designing a brochure for the Hall. A triple fold design was agreed to be the best option.

• Defibrillator:

ACTION: HY will seek to publish in the Andover Advertiser and The Forum Magazine

• Publishing in Hill and Valley: HY explained that, on occasion, his submission had been ‘squeezed out’ of the edition. Discussion followed about the possibility of including ‘overflow’ material on the back of the coloured sheet, produced three days later, on those occasions when it was not going to be possible to get material into in the main magazine. JB revealed that he proof reads the main H&V magazine. It was suggested that HY should copy any submissions to JB, so that he could check whether they had been included.

• Facebook:

ACTION: JB and HY to see Fiona Gould about developing a VH Facebook page.

ACTION: JB and ES to speak further about putting minutes onto LP website .

8. User group reports

MB reported that Toddlers Group were doing well, with a greatly increased attendance (Previous week had been 20 children, 15 adults). Special rate to be reviewed at next meeting. Pippa Sawyer had organised a rota to help with refreshments and clearing up. The start time had been adjusted to 9am to tie in with the beginning of the school day.

The Coffee Shop continues successfully.

9. Reports from External Meetings – TVBC (MB)

The group learned of the upcoming Test Valley Community Associations networking meeting, to be held at Longparish Village Hall at 6.30 on 20.10.16.

10. Storage Project Update

JB and BS had met with the builder and architect on 26th Sept. All appeared to be on schedule and on budget. We were reminded that funding will have to be approved before racking can be purchased. Builders were predicting a finish date of w/c 24th October . The container will need to be emptied, then taken away.

ACTION: GK to contact Wayne Sykes and meet up to put together a specification for interior racking. Lease: BS stressed the importance of sorting out and finalising the lease, as grant funding would depend on it.

ACTION: BS to forward the offer letter from HCC to Rolf Hawkins, Diocesan Surveyor and to Jonathan Frere. Rolf Hawkins would then be able to instruct the church solicitors to arrange appropriate changes to the lease. The Memorandum of Understanding will subsequently need to be reworded.

11. Cleaning and Maintenance


MB reported that there had been little need for the cleaners to attend, though the last time they had been asked in to do a thorough clean they had done an excellent job. Hirers were expected to leave the Hall clean and tidy, and generally had done so. Occasionally, Maggie had needed to step in. She felt this was not an issue as things stood. The group recorded its thanks to Maggie for stepping in.


•The defibrillator was installed and ready for use. Upcoming training days were Oct 15th and Nov 1st.

• JB reported that he had recently screwed back on a radiator that had been accidentally dislodged by the karate group.

• A locksmith has attended and has changed the locks

• JB mentioned that the hall, with its new storeroom, is also in need of a quartermaster.

12. Procurement

Gate and tablecloths still pending.

13. Any Other Business

JB mentioned that certain policy documents would have to be drawn up in order to draw down grant money. There were the Diversity and Equality Policy and the Health and Safety Policy. JB had drafted new policies, which he shared with the committee. These were proposed and seconded as follows: Diversity and Equality Proposed by BS, seconded by MB. All agreed. Health and Safety Proposed by GK. Seconded by BS. All agreed.

ACTION: BS and JB to complete fire risk assessment

Storage container: BS asked that committee members come along to help empty the container at 10am on Saturday 22nd October.

14. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 5th December 2016 at 7.30 pm. GBS 05/11/2016